Check out some of these videos of STEAM! performing live

A couple of clips from the Atlanta Chattahoochee contra dancers. There is a playlist of videos by Jim Crawford from this dance:

At Glen Echo park in the Spanish Ballroom, June 2015. Thanks to Julia Fischer for filming this video, and for the others she made on both the Friday night and Sunday night dances we played (check out the others on the GreatContraVideos youtube channel):

In Santa Barbara, March 2014… some rocking Old Time tunes:

STEAM! rocks out at the New Mexico Boo Camp, 2014.  A great weekend event hosted by FolkMADS in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico.  Merri Rudd is calling and the tunes are Maple Leaf and Tree Gap.  Thanks to Ben Werner for recording and sending us the footage:

STEAM! was one of the featured bands at the Catapult, The National Showcase, in 2013 in Atlanta Georgia.  This video compiles a couple different sets and has great footage from the floor and from the balcony above the set. Tunes featured here are Big Liza Jane and Glory in the Meetin’ House. Thanks to Jim Crawford for recording and doing the original post-production on this footage:

STEAM!, playing Hut on Staffin Island, the Barrowburn Reel, and the High Reel at a lovely house concert held in the mountains outside of Boulder Colorado in 2012.  Thanks to Pat Japenga who hosted the concert and recorded the video footage:

I had the pleasure of working with STEAM at Dance in the Desert 2013. What fun! From hard-charging contra tunes to lush English country dance melodies... they played it all with flair.
David Millstone, Caller, CDSS President, NH