For organizers, promoters, and sound technicians:

One-page brochure (download pdf: STEAM flier)

This is a one page flier about STEAM!  It contains a description of their musical style, short introductions to each band member and a brief overview of the workshops they offer.

Stage plot: download the pdf

Band photos

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STEAM! workshops (download pdf: STEAM Workshops)

STEAM! can cover all the bases for your dance workshops – playing for contras, squares, English Country, hambos, waltzes, ceili, clogging and swing. Since Claire is a contra dance caller as well, she can help out in the weekend setting by calling contras, leading ceilis, or teaching clogging.

STEAM! members lead music jams at festivals and events all over the country; best known as the leaders of Carp Camp at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield Kansas. Dave published “the Carpilation”, a collection of great dance tunes in 2008, and continues to publish the Carp “Homework” each year, steering this great musical adventure onward.

All the STEAM! members teach workshops on their instruments. Additionally we feature a singing rounds workshop, and a band workshop that includes tips for choosing and arranging great tune sets for dances, and working on band sound. We also are happy to branch out into less conventional workshop themes. Want juggling? Birdwatching? We got it. Please see our flier for more information.

the fine print…

Other bands have riders on their contracts. We thought we should have one too.

“Please keep in mind that Steam likes to play music and meet dancers and musicians in your community. After hour parties, Irish sessions, and jams are encouraged. Robert and Alice share a bed but have been known to share a twin size mattress. Dave and Claire require separate beds. We have no dietary or pet restrictions except that Alice doesn’t do well with *only* meat and Dave doesn’t do well with *only* vegetables so one option is to disguise grain to look like meat (Dave hasn’t caught on to bulgur looking like ground meat). The entire band likes chocolate but we generally bring our own to insure its quality. Carob chip cookies will be fed to chickens.  Robert, Alice, and Claire like coffee before a dance but don’t provide it if you prefer dances at a more leisurely tempo.”

Contact us!

phone: (520) 869-8553

Steam! is always so much fun to work with. These versatile musicians add a bit of color and style to the wide variety of music they love to play. The dancers can count on a good time when Steam! is in town.
Frannie Marr, Folk Madness, Socorro, New Mexico